Education is the process of acquiring, learning or gaining knowledge, values, beliefs, expertise, and habits. It is a vital tool for getting success from all the aspects in the contemporary world. Education is essential because it has the ability to mitigate all the challenges that mankind face in their life. The knowledge we acquire through the process of education helps us to open all the door of our mind. After that, we get the aid that helps us to answer all the questions that human beings are asked in the journey of their life.

Even in order to synthesize the concept of dharma, the yogic paragon of moksha and the bhakti of the worshiper, Bhagwan Srikrishna had divulged the impotence of education. Lord Krishna had narrated four kinds of people in this world failed to surrender themselves to the god for getting the moksha. These peoples are the ignorant, deluded intellectuals, a follower of the laziness and demoniac nature people. Only in the light of education, they will be able to see the ultimate truth.

So the concept of education is clear here, it is not only important for achieving personal and professional goals, but it is a crucial philosophy to follow for getting the spiritual fluffiness. As a result knowledge or education provides the desired support that a human being needs for living a better Manav Jeevan. Here at Green View Foundation, our working principle is simple and straight forward. Our dedicated executives are obligated to arrange the opportunity of education for those children and adults who are unable to get the ray of knowledge due to economic or any other problems.

 Our Journey

The founder member of Greenview Foundation, Mr. Jayabrata Paul was a school teacher in his early age. In the horizon of his career, he has seen many of the bright students are leaving the schools, due to their economic state or the regional problems they were unable to help the situation. So was Jayabrata Paul, but for not for too long. One day he decided to refuse all the fame and comfort he had during the age of teachership. In the year of 2012, he started his own institution where he used to educate pupils for free of cost.

After a successful journey, he got the helping hand of his son, and our foundation got an emerging and dynamic CEO, Debendranath Paul. With the idealistic, he got from his father, and the modern values help Mr. Debendranath Paul to take the foundation to the next level. Currently, we are arranging and managing the education for over hundred students.

 Our Mission and Vision

Many years ago our founder decided to walk on the path of fire despite on the Rajpath. Till today we are following his lead for bringing up the ray of education in those parts of the society where it is still untouched and unrevealed. We are living in a country where “Mercy Killing” and “Honor Killing” are still subjects to achieve glory, and “Witch-Hunting” is a professional practice. In the shadow of digitalization sometimes we overlooked the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana” and the campaign for “No Open Defecation”. It is not only the job for the government to make the country better. We believe it is everybody’s duty to make the society a better place for living.  So we are still working on this belief.

We have never stopped, halted or turned back. We took the oath of not stopping the every person of the nation become literate. It is not like we had a smooth journey. We are not even expecting for that in future. While soaking and swathing in sweat, tears, and blood we have continued our work. You can also be a part of our journey. Your kindness or lending a hand in our several projects will be precious for us. Visit here, to know how you can be a part of our journey.

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